Divide to optimize

You want to optimize the use of your infrastructure, the performance, the maintenance and the cost of your applications.

The solution: divide to optimize, making scalability and performance more elastic, controlling flows and access, and maximizing machine resources.

ilem assists you by rethinking the architecture of your systems through the division of your applications into micro-services and the installation of containers, allowing services to be isolated in an adapted way.

With more than 5 years of experience in these technologies, our Docker experts bring their know-how to bear in all areas of containerization:

  • migration of monolithic applications to a micro-service architecture
  • virtualization of services and applications
  • setting up Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Open Shift
  • elastic design
  • deployment to the private, public and local Cloud
  • rapid production start-ups.

ilem proposes executing a POC (Proof of Concept) of only a few days to analyze and confirm your choices. ilem assists you in your hosting strategy, on-premises or Cloud.

Containerization projects follow an agile and iterative model to offer you maximum visibility and control over the development and maintenance of your applications.