Security and compliance

Continuity of service in an open world

In an open and hyper-connected world, risk exposures increase every day. 65% of Swiss companies experienced an Internet security problem in 2018. Data and application security is a major concern as well as compliance with the laws concerning the protection of Swiss personal information and the GDPR.

ilem assists you in the security analysis and good compliance practices of your systems.

This assistance addresses the risks related to the technical infrastructure as well as those of a human nature.

The analysis of risks of a human nature takes into account the company’s organization, training, etc. on the rights and duties of users and administrators and the management of physical and logical access.

ilem’s cyber security experts have acquired 20 years of experience and a 5-step approach:

  • 360° consideration of your applications and classification of your data
  • overall risk management strategy, by systems organization
  • expertise on market-leading tools: Firewall, VPN, antivirus, IPS, scanner, CASB
  • supervision of the network, systems, applications, workstations
  • archiving, availability, integrity, and encryption of your data