Standard supervisory platforms are perfectly suited… to a world that no longer exists!

Your infrastructure is evolving in a constantly changing environment, your sites are decentralized, your services are more and more numerous. This evolution leads to an increase in information and risks beyond human capabilities.

Digital transformation is becoming so complex that it requires a change in traditional IT management techniques. It is necessary to go beyond the simple monitoring of technical resources or network, by targeting the control of all technical layers, of the infrastructure and the application, with a fullstack approach.

This is a time for automation and prediction and must be based on AI.

The All-in-One Dynatrace platform is a complete, market-leading AI Ops solution covering all operational areas:

  • Digital User Experience
  • Application Performance (APM)
  • Infrastructure, network, containers, servers

Ilem, a Dynatrace partner for the past 10 years, offers you an approach and support to guide your systems towards greater agility, performance and autonomy.