An immediate response

You want to respond quickly to requests from your customers and employees: your opening hours, a question about your services, book a room, know the delivery time, receive financial advice … as well as knowing your colleague’s contact information, getting the company’s financial results…

Chatbot talk agents help make your business easier.

ilem has gained experience in Chatbot B2B, B2C or B2E projects, in messaging and with collaboration software

Machine learning technologies allow an agent to be “fed” with a few learning phrases. The Chatbot is then able to understand the user’s intention and give him or her a relevant answer.

Chatbots are designed to engage in a dialogue with your users in a natural language. You define the language elements.  Each Chatbot has its own personality, your project is unique.

Our solutions are based on the best performing cognitive services on the market: Microsoft, IBM, Google.

ilem offers to carry out your project or study the feasibility of your business objective through a POC